Wiley X WX Valor Changeable Lens Sunglasses

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Wiley X WX Valor Changeable Sunglasses are a versatile, sleek pair of active sunglasses that can be modified to suit any situation. The changeable lens capability of the Wiley X sunglasses allows maximum light condition versatility. All lenses of the sunglasses are shatterproof for all-purpose durability. The WileyX WX Valor Interchangeable Lens Sun Glasses are durable, too, certified to ANSI Z87.1-2003 high impact and optical performance standards. Wiley X has designed the Valor to stand up to impact and ballistics, so well that they are rated as OSHA-grade occupational protective eyewear. For a flexible, comfortable pair of sport sunglasses, choose the dynamic power of the Wiley-X WX Valor Shatterproof Changeable Shades.

Specifications for Wiley X WX Valor Changeable Lens Protective Sunglasses:

Frame Height: 65.5mm
Distance Between Lens: 18mm
Frame Width: 120mm
Photochromic: No
Fit: Small, medium, large
Included Accessories: Medium black zippered case, cleaning cloth

Features of WileyX WX Valor Changeable Lens Sun Glasses w/ Carrying Case:

  • Changeable lens capability allows maximum light condition versatility
  • Shatterproof lenses block 100% of UV rays
  • Certified to ANSI Z87.1-2003 high impact and optical performance standards
  • Rated as OSHA-grade occupational protective eyewear
  • Fits small, medium, and large head shapes

Package Contents:

  • Wiley X WX Valor Changeable Sunglasses
Wiley X WX Valor Sunglasses - Smoke Grey Lens / RealTree Xtra Camo Frame, CHVAL03
Wiley-X CHVAL01: WX Valor Sunglasses, Black Ops Tactical Edition - Smoke Grey Lens, Matte Black Frame
Wiley X CHVAL07: Valor Sunglasses,Matte Black Frame,Smoke Grey,Clear Lens
Wiley X CH4701: Valor Sunglasses,APEL Matte Black Frame,Smoke Grey,Clear Lens
Wiley-X CHVAL06: WX Valor Sunglasses - 3 Lens Package - Smoke Grey, Clear, & Light Rust Lenses w/ Matte Black Frame
CHVAL08: Wiley X-Vapor Glasses
Wiley X WXCHVAL05: Valor Sunglasses,Black 2 Tone Frame,Polarized Crimson Lens