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#10-RP Recessed Panel Design


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Horizontal Sliding Model with Polycarbonate Window 


• 3-Piece Sliding Polycarbonate Window Design  

Uncoated Polycarbonate window

• Locking Horizontal Sliding Center Window

• Aluminum Window Frame mounted inside the radius of the

   main roll bar type steel framework, with No Protrusions into

   the rear seat area

• Rubber-Covered, Spring-Loaded Locking Assembly

• Rubber Padded Vertical Window Support Bars

• Heavy Duty, Rubber Padded, Roll Bar Type Steel Framework

   reinforces vehicles B-pillar

• Maximum Driver Legroom

• Open Contour Design, provides Maximum Prisoner Legroom,

   with No Foot Obstructions, for Easier Prisoner

   Loading and Unloading

• Recessed Storage Panel accommodates Firearms Mounting

   Systems and other Accessories

• Heavy Duty Steel Seat Back Protector Panel

• Rugged Zinc-Free Powder Coat Finish

• Quick, Easy Installation

• Easily Transferable, with Simple Mounting Bracket Change

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