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MultiSledge - SCI2WAY



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Purpose Built

There&39;s more than one way to break down a door. The MultiSledge offers them all. With a multi-directional hammer, ram, saw rake, and traditional pry bar, you&39;ll be able to apply the necessary tactic without changing tools, minimizing exposure. Easily break glass and use the rake to clear shards, swing the ram or hammer to create initial breach, or leverage the pry bar to defeat simple locked portals. Efficiency at its best.

Note: Sale of this item is restricted to law enforcement and fire department agencies only. Confirmation required prior to purchase.



  • Four breaching tools in one: hammer, ram, rake, and pry bar
  • Apply the necessary tactic without changing tools
  • Sling attachment points for easy carry and quick application



  • Part of the 5.11&174; Breaching System
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