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I have been a part of the SCI-2-WAY family for just over a year now; I don't know really how to express my gratitude for the kindness and support I have received from everyone here at Seminole Communications. Sometimes we can work together day after day; side by side and never really feel like you are truly part of the team ( work family). I say that because many of us spend as much time with the work family as we do with our personal families so it's kind of like having another family.                                                                                                           My personal family recently lost my wife's Mother and then two weeks to the day after her passing, her Father passed as well. Both were well on in years and had lived good Christian lives so we can feel glad for that. But what brings me to comment here today is this: my work family has supported me, my wife and our entire family as though I have worked here for 25 years, just like I was part of their family. Their outpouring of kindness, love and support has greatly been appreciated. Several members of my family noticed the things that my work family said and did during our time of sadness. I had some comment " what nice folks Robert works for". I couldn't agree more.                                                                    I just thought as our customers and friends you might also like to know what great people the ownership and staff here at Seminole Communications Inc. are.   

Thank you to my work family, I feel truly blessed to be part of the family here.                      Robert Helms   

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